Rent the home you want to buy while saving for a deposit.

Find your ideal home, rent it from us with built-in savings that go towards your deposit, and buy it once you're ready for a mortgage.

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How Abode Works

Abode – people at home


Apply to Abode.

Quick, free and no impact on your credit score. If you qualify, we’ll give you a home-shopping budget and you can begin your search!


Find your dream home,
and move in.

Found something you like? We’ll make sure it’s a good home and buy it for you. We'll take care of all the admin and fees.


Rent it from us. Save with us.

We’ll be your landlord, and a portion of your rent will be allocated to a savings account for your deposit (with a 25% LISA bonus). Oh, and we don’t come up with ridiculous rent increases every year, irrespective of inflation.


Buy it when you’re ready.

After 3 to 7 years, and once you're able to get a mortgage, you can buy the home from us at a pre-set price. What if the house is worth more than the price, you ask? You get the upside.

Abode – step by step

Delivering a path to homeownership

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Benefit line
Move in today

Access homes that are for sale, which are typically superior to those that are for rent. Stop dealing with landlords increasing rents, or not allowing you to make your house your home.

Benefit line
Get on the property
ladder quicker

Homeowners on average are 80 times financially better off than renters. Start building wealth for you and your family by becoming a homeowner.

We are on a mission to turn renters into homeowners

Millions of people are locked out from purchasing their home. We don't think that's fair so we decided to build Abode for those who struggle to get onto the property ladder.

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Tailored pricing that works for you

Pricing will depend on the home you buy, your current savings and how quickly you want to buy back the home from us. We'll communicate everything upfront, no surprises.

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When you're ready to move in

Upfront fee

Once you've found a home that works for you, we charge you a fee of £499 plus 1% of the house purchase price. We also ask you for a standard rental deposit that you get back once you buy the home.

Once you're moved in and are renting from us

Rent with built-in savings

Once you've moved in, you'll pay us rent on a monthly basis. On top of this, you can contribute 15-35% of your monthly rent into a Lifetime ISA savings account (with a 25% bonus), which will go towards your deposit.

When you're ready to purchase the home, or decide to move out

Buy the home with a mortgage, or walk away with savings

Once you're mortgage-ready, you can buy the home from us at a pre-set price that will be known to you before you enter into any agreement with us – no surprises and fully transparent. If things have changed on your end and you don't want to live in your home anymore, you can walk away with your savings minus a listing fee (2% of the house purchase price) to cover the costs of selling the house. If the proceeds from the sale go beyond Abode's costs, we'll split the profits with you!

Become financially independent with Abode


Average rental bill through retirement


Average discount Abode can negotiate


Average extra savings for homeowners

How do we compare

Abode's rent-to-buy proposition in the most financially responsible way for those who can't get a mortgage to get on the property ladder.

Payment certainty

Repairs included

Insurance included

Low initial deposit

Share in house price increase

Protection from house price decrease

Renovation allowed




Shared Ownership

Deposit Loan

*Only applicable when house price increases beyond Abode's future buy-back price, which is set before you move in.